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22 May 2019
It Can Be Ridiculous - Rev. Kola Ewuosho

The miraculous is usually preceded by instructions that are ridiculous when one reads through the Bible. Some outstanding deeds of power, I mean the supernatural release of God"s power can be as a result of ridiculous instructions obeyed. The similarities that are seen in some of these demonstrations of power mean that there are lessons to learn from God"s Word if we shall go on and position ourselves to receive from God and experience His power.
The first miracle Jesus did while on earth was the turning of water to wine at the wedding in Cana of Galilee as recorded in John chapter 2. The lessons are very important and they are these: He was invited along with His disciples; His mother, Mary turned to Him when they needed help; She gave instructions to the servants: whatever He says to you, do it; He instructed them to fill pots with water and serve it to the guests. That takes some faith to do; water served becomes wine that was better than what they had before. Our faith in God and His Word is our connection to His power. Our faith needs a fresh instruction from God into our hearts, this will result in actions of obedience and the effect is the supernatural release of God"s power to impact our situation; whatever it is we are believing God for.
This miracle started with an invitation. Many have gone on in life without a conscious invitation for Jesus to be in with them in their lives or adventures. There is a strong attempt today to experience the power of God without inviting His person. I see many self-help, success psychology materials going all the way to employ bible-based principles but deliberately leave out the person of Jesus. Ultimately something will be missing because to get the full effect of the power of God, you need the person, the presence, and the power will be guaranteed. Everyone needs God at some point in their lives. Many have turned to their own concepts or perceptions of God but I am talking about the God revealed in scriptures as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Wise men still seek Him. We need to invite Jesus to be Lord of our lives. This invitation can be the beginning of many good things in our lives. He will not force Himself on us. We are free moral agents and have the right to choose who we invite into any situation. Jesus died for us on the Cross according to the will of God and He earned the right to be our Lord and Saviour. Our invitation for Him to be Lord of our lives is really for our benefit. We are incapable of stopping the devastating effect of sin in our lives. The underlying cause of human misery that we see today, is sin. From the story of creation in the Bible, man chose to be independent from God and sin took over his nature and began destroying, perverting and confusing everything good God had for mankind. All the things God created are now being used to destroy God"s purposes for man. Take sex for example, God created it for man"s pleasure and for procreation. What do we see? It has become the basis for a lot of terrible things going on today. Once God"s purpose revealed in His Word is ignored, perversion sets in. Satan did not create anything, he only perverts the uses of things. Sin is his master tool to carry out his destructive plans on marriage, family, purity of heart and hence the future of mankind where God is concerned. Jesus paid the price to get rid of sin. He died in our place. He took the shame, the pain, the rejection that should have been ours as a result of sin. He deserves to be received honourably into our hearts as our Lord and Saviour. The prayer based on Romans 10:9-10 will help as you receive Him as your Lord and Saviour.
Mary, the mother of Jesus reported the situation to Him. They had run out of wine. This is prayer in the simplest form. Prayer is based on a relationship. Many wonder why prayers are not heard. There is a relational component to meaningful prayer. Many seek to have a panic button approach to their lives. When Jesus becomes your Lord, you do have a new sonship relationship with God as your Father. Mary had a relationship with Jesus. We need to cultivate a real relationship with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.
Prayer is talking to the One who can do something about your situation. In this context, she talked to Jesus. Relationship precedes prayer. We can talk to God too. Some have wondered, if God knows everything why do we have to tell Him? Well, He will not butt in on you if you do not want Him to do anything about your situation. Remember the sin of Adam was the sin of independence. We need to cultivate a dependence on God. We benefit from praying regularly. There are all kinds of prayers that we need to learn and practice regularly.
Mary knew a thing or two about getting God"s power through His Son to work in our lives. She said to the servants, “Whatever He says to you, do it”. When prayers are offered, we should wait for instructions with this attitude of prompt obedience. God"s Word is the seed, our hearts need to receive so that His power can be released into our situations. They can come in the form of instructions, and can be ridiculous. Other examples are the widow of Zarepath in 1 Kings 17, she was told to give of what she had to Elijah the prophet before making for herself and her son. When there were thousands to feed and Jesus requested a boy"s meal to be brought. The meal became the point of contact for supernatural release for all the people to be fed and many baskets were left over. When Sarah, Abraham"s wife was told she would have a baby in her old age, she laughed, Isaac, her son means laughter. Believing with the heart will produce action outwardly. If we believe what God says, then we position ourselves for the miracle as we obey whatever instructions He gives.
This is faith in action. Faith in the heart always produces actions. James talks about faith and its corresponding actions. Faith does not deny evidence in the natural, it simply does not allow the evidence to have a final say on the matter. Faith can change the natural way things are by the power of God. Faith deals with the invisible, timeless realities of God. By our faith we can make contact with the realities of God and His Word. Faith thrives in trials and testing. Faith overcomes the limitations of the senses. We are to live by faith not by sight. We lay hold on the realities of God through our faith. When you are in faith, you are very prompt to obey instructions from the Master.
There is something here that would be a blessing if you can receive it. The needs in your life are actually opportunities for God to release something better and greater into your life. Whatever the need, choose to see it as an opportunity for something better to happen to you. Expect something better than your wildest dreams as God is able to do exceeding abundantly above what we can ask or think according to the power working in us. (Ephesians 3:20). If there was no problem, you would never know that God could solve them, you would never know what faith in His Word could do. So change the attitude you have towards your challenges, it"s time to get into expectancy and prepare for the miraculous. The wine was better than what they had before. Your future will be better than what you had in the past. It"s going to get better with Jesus. He reserved the best to a latter time. God bless you as you prepare for a life filled with God"s supernatural power.