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05 June 2019
Overcoming Sexual Lust - Rev. Kola Ewuosho

The abundance of sex sins in Christendom today is alarming. Homes are breaking up as the drive for sex is driving many to the brink of insanity. Pornography and indecent exposures in every conceivable manner are having their toil on the human mind. Men and women are selling their consciences to their sexual desires being gratified. Many are in denial of this incessant publicity that is empowering the human sex drive. The fact is, sex sins are no longer considered sinful again as it seems to happen to everyone. The love of God has degenerated in humanistic terms to an indulgent affection that is permissive to accommodate a wrong use of our human sexuality. Any strong attempt to speak or stand against the flood of ungodly sexuality can be likened to standing against the wind and waters from a roaring ocean. Driven by an ungodly desire and expression of our sexuality, in the midst of a seductive climate of money-driven, sensually-contrived, fashionable adverts luring potential customers to indulge in their fantasies to explore their sexuality without any consideration for the Creators values, the world has been inundated with all kinds of imaginable sights that waken in humans a strong desire to place sex at the core of their hearts desires.
Today the temple is the mind, the sacrifice is the act of sex and the idol is the human body. The prince of darkness has done a job in the minds of the human race and the temples are springing up everywhere. The fact that this excessive desire for human pleasure has brought great kingdoms to nought in our history is not enough to stir some to their senses. The fact is, many are losing every good thing in their lives which is open for all to see, yet many are still falling for it. Let us listen to the man who had a thousand women to himself, King Solomon in the book of proverbs. He calls the woman with little concern for virtues a strange woman, as her house is the way to hell, going down the chamber of death (Prov. 7: 27). Many lives have lost their inheritance in God because of a strange woman. Their increase has been swallowed up by strangers because of promiscuity. The AIDS epidemic is sending countless to their early graves and yet many more are positioning themselves for the place of the damned through immoral behaviour. Is there any balm in Gilead? Is there a lasting solution to this tidal wave?
Let us go together and seek the wisdom of God for the answers to this deluge that has swept through the human race throughout history. Whatever we find out, prayers, repentance and a commitment to a lifestyle of separation unto God must be part of our arsenal against the floods.
The basis for satanic control in the systems of the world and in individual lives can be found on a tripod stand. These 3 factors account for demon operations all over the world and from since satan began his temptations. They are: The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life. (1 John 2:15-16).
The power behind these factors is the subtlety in using our God-given faculties and desires or appetites against God"s way of doing things hence His will. When the human faculties and desires are directed at things and our sense of significance comes from things we tend to let things take the place of God. The situation is such that a deliverance prayer cannot fully resolve. The faculties have been influenced wrongly and they need the right kind of influence to correct the effects of the wrong.
Our eyes are meant to see and what we see affects our minds and hence our desires. Our bodies are created with cravings, appetites and longings. Whatever we expose them to as desirable; our bodies tend to long for them. We are made in the image of God, so greatness is part of our inheritance. The child of an elephant should not think of remaining small. A child of God is born to be great in some way. All made in the image of God have potential for greatness in one area or another. How we go about getting the greatness is the major way we get tripped up and miss the mark.
When these faculties have been affected in our growing up stages, we tend to learn to use them contrary to God"s way and will. The lust of the eyes have to do with when our eyes look upon things or people and our desires are drawn in the direction of those things or people and such desires are powerful enough to initiate action in that direction it is usually with a selfish notion not considering God"s perspective, influence or direction. Advertisements thrive on this. The lust of the flesh follows right on. That which the eyes long for will be craved by the flesh and will bring about a sense of significance if we can possess that which we crave for. Pride of life is when we take our sense of significance from achievements, possessions, position or anything in the natural. A man"s life is not to be defined by such things but should instread be defined by his knowledge of and relationship with God.
The prince of the power of the air who works in the children of disobedience as he prepares them for the wrath of God is behind all the abnormal use of our God-given faculties. The real deliverance comes when we begin to let God and His Word dominate our thought-life, desires and systematically root out the faulty foundations in our lives through diligence and intimacy with God.
Our love, desires and longings should be for God, His kingdom and purposes. This is why we are here and it is what we are called to be: HIS PEOPLE.
Sexual lust happens when our human sexuality is allowed to function in a direction, content and purpose contrary to Gods will. God created us with our sexuality and His thoughts are good. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him.
Our sexual energy like all others is expected to be harnessed and used for His worthy purposes. Within the boundaries of His purposes we find fulfilment in exercising our sexuality!
To get delivered of the ungodly use of our sexuality: Remember sex is powerful- it is a covenant act and releases certain powers to mould lives together.
God knows how He wants our sexuality to be used; for His pleasure, glory and our fulfilment.
Before being born again, your body and soul dominated your spirit. Sin having lodged itself in our carnal nature exerted control over our souls. The soul was trained in sinfulness and it derived some creative ability through the master-nature of sin. The subjecting of the soul to the righteous standards of the New Testament is our responsibility. Thank God for the help of the Holy Spirit.
At the new birth, the recreated human spirit comes alive with the life of God in it. This life in the spirit needs to be fed well on the life-force coming from God"s Word. Meditation and acting on the Word will enhance this. Letting the life of God dominate our lives releases the power of God to bring about meaningful deliverance from the sin nature lodged in our souls. Receive the engrafted word which is able to save your souls, James says in Chapter one.
The qualities of the new creation are primarily in the spirit- Righteousness etc.
Give the new man authority to dominate your soul and body. The body is not capable of independent activity if the soul and spirit are not in agreement. The recreated spirit must gain ascendancy over the soul and body.
Be very prayerful, praying all manners of prayers, binding, loosing and pulling down strongholds in your mind. Consecrate yourself to the Lord.
Re-educate your mind. God gave the opposite sex their kind of body for a purpose, not to gratify your lusts. Value them as God"s children too!
Set goals that will keep you in the centre of Gods way of doing things and do not give room to the works of the flesh to lord it over you. Redirect the use of your faculties in the right direction.
Develop accountability with a group or an individual who can freely ask about your activities and remain open and transparent.
Get busy fulfilling your purpose in life and give no room to laziness, looseness and loss of focus and direction in life.
May the Lord help you to overcome the destructive tide that is overwhelming many and blocking out all their godly instincts and pushing them gradually to their doom eternally.