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24 April 2019
Finding Your Niche - Rev. Kola Ewuosho

Have you noticed that those who are succeeding in what they do seem to have found their ‘unique selling point"; they seem to have come to terms with who they are, what they have and how things work with them. They have found their niche. They may have built other things and relationships around their niche but they have a main thing (product or service) that they are known for and they deliver very effectively all the time. In the bible, for Daniel it was his consecration, for Joseph, it was his ability to interpret dreams; for Apostle Paul, it was his revelation of what God did for the human race in Christ. Check out almost every one who has made their mark and you can see their niche.

How do you find yours? Usually what you are deprived of in life can help create a hunger in you that will propel you to find your niche; other times it may be what God wants to use your life to ‘make a statement" of His goodness to the human race. Any how, some stumble on it, some labour to find it and some just ‘have it." Ask yourself the following questions: what is that one thing that you don"t seem to be able to get out of the core of your being; something that causes anger, pain and excitement all at the same time? What are you wiling to labour for even if you were not paid for the labour? What are you ‘at home" with? What brings tears to your eyes? What is that thing that you will give anything to see happen for others? Nothing stands alone but working at this thing will bring such unspeakable fulfilment to your life.

To be safe and sure, this ‘thing" needs to be a God-thing; Something God invested in you for His purpose. It will generate a lifestyle in you that is God-fearing and God-seeking. It will be the way God wants to ‘manifest" Himself through you. You usually will find it as you commit to serving others; it activates certain hidden potentials in you. The more you do it, the more it grows inside you. It hides the place and possibility for you to take your promised land. It can be spiritual as well as physical, it can be an idea or a discovery; it can be a revelation or an insight; a method of doing something or a strength in doing it. It is destiny calling for discovery, development and adventure! It can be born in the place of intimacy with the Creator-God. I challenge you to go for it! In all your getting, get understanding of this destiny call upon your life!