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17 July 2021
Zero to Hero - Rev. Kola Ewuosho

It is always very inspiring to read or watch heroes in real life or in fiction. Heroes beat the odds; they think out of the box, their beliefs are different from that of others. They stand out, that is why they are heroes. We admire them, their courage, their wits and imagination. Sometimes they cut the image of someone from another world, not held down by the limitations of this world. They seem to be dancing to another tune while others are involved with some different music.

We all have our heroes in different fields of endeavor and they may not all fit the bill I am describing, but they are heroes nonetheless.

When I think of what God has done for the human race in sending His Son to the cross for us, and think of what battles we face in the flesh, in the world and with the hosts of darkness, the adventure seems to me that God has made heroic potentials built into the New Creation and many who are born again are not living up to their potentials. Some are not living up to what is available to them because of laziness, ignorance or carelessness; others out of just plain "Playing religious games" instead of getting busy becoming who they were meant to be. You are a Hero if you are in Christ. Have you heard that you can have things yet not possess them experientially? In Obadiah 1:17, the scriptures say "upon mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness; and the house of Jacob shall possess their possessions." There are steps to take to go from where we are to taking possession of what has become ours.

Some heroes in the bible include Joseph, Daniel and David. They all have lessons for us all. They all cultivated relationships with God and He gave them the inner fortitude to do what was right in their respective situations. Like My wife (Pastor Funke) taught in her series " From religion to true spirituality" (get your copy online or by contacting one of our offices), Relationship with God opens us up to revelation knowledge, revelation knowledge builds convictions into us, convictions breed zeal or passion in us.

Here are some characteristics of heroes: Heroes live by their convictions; they know that their convictions are a product of the influences they allow in their lives.

Heroes choose what and who they allow to influence them: they choose how they are conditioned. They live by principles and their principles have a known source. They just don"t allow floating thoughts to dominate them. Christians take the source of the principles they live by from God"s Word.

Heroes rise up to the challenges of their time; they endure hardness like soldiers, train like athletes and are busy cultivating things (their hearts, relationships and their future) like farmers do.

Will all who are born again please arise and become the heroes they were meant to be?

Make sure you are genuinely born again. Many believe in Jesus but have not repented of the sinful nature inherited in Adam.

Make sure you truly surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. The practical demonstration of that is when you submit to the authority of His word.

Purpose in your heart that you will not be defiled, become bitter, or allow anything to pollute your heart.

Cultivate a real relationship with God, take Him at His word and He wants to take you at your word too.

The basics of prayer, fellowship with God through His word and your service for God all play major roles when they are done out of a heart pursuing God in reality.

Let the hero in you arise and take the mountain before you, kill the giant before you and rule your God-given arena with a heart of service to humanity. Amen.