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01 July 2024
Wisdom Snap Shots - Rev. Kola Ewuosho

God"s Word is based on His Character, Nature and Ability. He gives His Word and releases His power to back His Word. His acts are based on the principles of His Word. His instruments of Power are His Word and His Spirit. Our faith is our connection to Him. Our faith in His Word activates His power in and through us. Our acting on His Word establishes in us His abilities. He gives us His Word as promises.

Behind every promise are principles that need to be practised until proficiency is assured. This is because behind every promise, there are problems that we will confront as we try (or start) practising the principles. When the problems are overcome then we have the provision guaranteed by the promise. Scriptural principles under gird Godly promises and God"s intention is to bring about His provisions but He expects us to cooperate by believing and applying ourselves to the principles, we call it acting on the Word.

Change in behaviour can only take place when there is a change in mindset, thought patterns and belief-systems. Excuses are our reasons to remain the way we are. Excuses help us remain where we are. To have meaningful change we must go beyond our excuses. Whereas there is a place for having “gut-feelings” as a basis for discerning some things, when it concerns areas where we need changes we need to stop looking to ourselves, or our intentions and start reading our actions correctly so we can change. We judge others by their actions and ourselves by our intentions. Start judging yourself by your actions like you judge others" by theirs. Changing our beliefs will involve challenging our existing thought-patterns. What is at work within us is not usually obvious to us. Our insecurities and pride mask themselves as care and concern for others or efforts at loving others. Insecurity leads some to want to control others and pride does the same. Can you love others for who they are not for what you hope they will become? What is your motivation for correcting others: love or control?

How do you handle correction? Do you feel rejected or helped? I know corrections are not going to be palatable but just how do you take them?

How do you see yourself: a finished product or a site under construction? God has a finished product in Christ but that reality is still being fully worked out in the natural. Our participation will determine whether or not we will manifest as the finished product that we are in Christ. We can be all we were meant to be because of what He has done in His sacrificial work on our behalf.

You need a vision, a mental image of a better future, a possibility for a future that will engage your faculties as you discover, develop and deploy the unseen qualities that are potent in you. To convert your potentials to experiential realities will demand lifestyle changes in you. Your vision will cause you to rise and get trained as you prepare for the future God has for you.

To succeed in life you need learned behaviour, developed character and huge competence. Character is developed in the crucible of conflicts and contemplation. Character has to do with our sincerity, walking in integrity, and being faithful and trustworthy. Behaviour is learned by studying how to handle our inter-personal challenges and how to get things done correctly. In learning successful behaviours we learn things like time management, goal setting, and leadership skills. With these we come across as progressive and able to influence others for the overall good. Core competence is vital as we specialise in our chosen fields of professionalism - we need to be constantly developing ourselves.