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28 August 2021
Dynamics of Life and Death - Rev. Kola Ewuosho

Wherever God is, life is there. God is life, love and light the bible says. The absence of His presence means the absence of His life, love and light. Life for growth meaning and progress. Love gives value, quality and fulfillment. Light from God gives understanding, enlightenment and a sense of purpose and meaning. Death on the other hand is the absence of His presence, person and purpose. Selfishness is the mother of all sins and sin rules in the realm of death. Death reigns in the lives of those who live in sin.Through Jesus, we have access to the life of God (John 10:10). Grace and truth that come through Him enables us to function within the dynamics of life. This life was manifested in the lives of the Saints of Old. The Daniel story shows that, as he put God first in his life, he developed mentally. He interpreted dreams, was saved from death, and with his Covenant friends stayed relevant to the purposes of God in their time. The same can be said of Joseph who refused bitterness and hence allowed God"s purposes to be fulfilled.The dynamics of death can be studied from 1 Corinthians. 10:1-4. In a nutshell, the following are the sins that brought death to them in all areas of existence. They failed to fulfill God"s purposes as they set out to do their own thing: They were overthrown against (Vs 5) (Numbers 14:29)ii. They lusted after carnal things (Numbers 11:4, 34)

iii. They worshipped false Gods and had fun (V.7) (Exodus. 32:4, 6)

iv. Indulged in immorality and died (Num. 25:1-18)

v. They tried God by critically appraising him; (Num. 21:5-6)

vi. They complained with discontent (Num. 16:41)

vii. Their complaining opened the door to the destroyer. These sins are all with us today and we need to learn from them. We are as much lovers of fun as there were. Our own idols are ourselves, our opinions and feelings. Our past holds us and prevents anything new God might be doing in our lives.


People don"t usually welcome their deliverer. Moses, Gideon and Jesus are examples. God who sends deliveries usually demands things of the people who want to be delivered and they don"t always like those demands. God demanded the people to have faith in Him through His Servant, Moses but they were too concerned about their life style in Egypt to embrace God"s demands.

We will always fail the tests of God if we don"t give God first place in our lives. We usually complain because it is natural to do so when things are not going the way we want them to go. Our ways are not His ways. It takes faith in Him to follow Him, learn of Him and not complain.Remember, you release the dynamics of death into your life by your words. Death and life are in the power of the tongue (Pro. 18:12). The same with life. We engage the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus by exercising faith in God"s word and that involves the speaking of faith-filled words. Fear, unbelief and evil speaking are involved in engaging the law of life and death. The choice is OURS. Our heart"s condition also plays a major role in what dynamics we release into our lives. When you live in pride wherein your opinion is so highly placed that nothing around you is of much value, even if God obviously wants to bless you with it but you do not regard it that much, you have chosen death. Choose life and you shall live! Amen

God bless you<