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07 May 2022
Commitment: The Key to Growth - Rev. Kola Ewuosho

The key ingredient that releases potential in any field of life is commitment. It can turn a potential leader to a successful one above all other qualities. When you are interested in something you do it only when it is convenient. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses. Many are interested in things because they are good or they like the people involved. Interest alone will not get the job done. Many love the Lord, they say, and are interested in seeing His Kingdom expand but expansion will not happen based on their interest only. It takes commitment for growth to take place. In your personal life, being interested in growth won"t bring it; it is being committed to the principles of growth that will produce growth. You are only committed when your consistency continues when it is no longer convenient. You endure, persevere and suffer long but you keep at it, then you are really committed. We should do this where the Word is concerned. That is when growth is guaranteed. Imagine if the entire Body of Christ is applying this to their obedience to the Word of God. There would be so much growth in the Body by now. The Kingdom of God would have grown in leaps and bounds.

Success comes when we do what the others are not willing to do. Many today are looking for escape instead of a challenge. Sometimes it boils down to whether or not we are willing to attack the problems in our personal lives.

There is a price to pay for greatness. It knows the value of character building exercises. It is not giving in to fleshly desires of themselves or other people. Also don"t try to survive. This keeps us at a mediocre level of living. We cannot confront issues in our lives when we have strong desires to survive and we also find it easy to compromise as our convictions get eaten away. We easily excuse our lack of effectiveness and we will not completely obey the Lord if all we think about is survival.

Like Shadrack, Meschack and Abednego, those who commit do not set their minds on survival. Make up your mind today to commit to the Word, commit to a life of obedience, commit to a life of service, love and prayer, then watch God promote you.

God bless you