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23 April 2022
Crafting Destinies - Rev. Kola Ewuosho

Our destinies can be likened to our destinations in life. God"s purpose for our lives is defined by what God had in mind when He created us or formed us in our mothers" wombs. The stories of bible characters help us see the interplay between God, the person and other external forces playing parts in the outcomes of their lives. God is not going to impose His plans or purposes on us and Satan will do anything to get us to do his bidding. We also have choices that play a major deciding factor in what we do, say and eventually the outcomes of our lives. When tragedy strikes there is usually a cause, when good things happen we can also see a cause or a purpose for them. This introduction is simply to say to all readers that outcomes are not in the hands of chance, or Satan. We can cooperate with God to change future outcomes even if the past was simply not within our control or influence. For example when Joseph was sold as a slave we do not see him as contributing directly to cause it to happen but the final outcome of his life pretty much was influenced by his decisions. The decision to forgive his brothers, to serve faithfully as a slave and maintain a relationship with God in the midst of slavery and hence pass his tests not to yield to the seductive overtures of the wife of his boss. All these were within his control and the right decisions he made positioned him to experience God"s will plan and purpose in spite of his past! People who have found themselves in serious conditions that had nothing to do with them can also turn their seeming ‘handicap" around with their attitudes and decisions in life. God has a great plan for your life. He sent His son, Jesus to set you free from bondage to sin and Satan and all that your past had on you. Your choices will play the determining factor in the outcomes of your life.
Inside every one of us lie untapped potentials, around us are opportunities and ahead of us are possibilities! What are we going to do? There are 4 dimensions to our development in life: Wisdom (involves mental development) Stature (physical development) Favour with God (spiritual) and favour with men (social).
Luke 2:52 says Jesus increased in these areas.
1. WISDOM: This implies comprehensive insight, skill development and a right application of knowledge. God asks us to ask for wisdom when we need guidance, direction and knowing what to do in the situations we face in life. (James 1:5) To develop in this area we need to have knowledge, acquire understanding when we come to have the insight into the true nature of things. Knowledge and understanding are usually involved in acquiring wisdom.
2. STATURE: This implies the development of the natural side of his humanity. This involves, amongst other things, understanding and cooperating with God"s natural laws of physical development in healthy habits and lifestyle. This means eating the right kinds of food, having the right amount of sleep and handling stress and its effects on the body. The regulation of bodily appetite and activities that will keep the body in shape will be the reasonable disciplines in this dimension.
3. FAVOUR WITH GOD: This implies a life regulated by God"s Word wherein the spiritual habits as dictated by God are cultivated and we walk in favour with God doing His bidding. Spiritual disciplines will play a major role in this dimension. Obedience to God in all practical terms will definitely be involved in this. (Proverbs 3:1-4)
4. FAVOUR WITH MAN: This represents the social side of things like building quality relationships and knowing how to generate the right influence in the lives of the people we meet. The role of finances, entrepreneur skills and other social skills like communication skills, leadership skills etc all come into play here. Cultivating friendship and refusing wrong influences in our lives are all part of this dimension. This dimension is where our careers can experience growth or decline depending on our development in this area.
These dimensions will always overlap as we go through life and consider any particular activity of value in our lives. Marriage for instance has to do with almost all coming together. Family life also will see the intelligent overlap of one or more of these aspects in our development. To be successful, to fulfil God"s will for our lives, we need to see the need for these aspects to keep growing in our lives. There are certain character qualities I have found that we need to develop and apply to these aspects of our lives. These traits or qualities can be directly applicable to all of these dimensions and we shall see a whole lot of progress in our lives. I call these the seven pillars of progress in our destiny walk. They are: INTEGRITY, DISCIPLINE, HUMILITY, SELF GROWTH, COURAGE, BALANCE, HEALTHY POSITIVE EXPECTATIONS
Your future is loaded with possibilities; you are surrounded with opportunities and inside you lie untapped potentials. These traits will help you unlock them, prepare you for the future and take advantage of the opportunities today!
Jesus is Lord!
The Lord Bless and keep you!